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Apparently yesterday at the FTC people kept saying Celine and I look similar or ask us if were related
And I sometimes feel bad cuhz our younger members get us confused too LOL

Ive been really motivated to work out these past few days and Blogilaties keeps me up and going and just focusing on other things have been going well for me and i been feeling really good about myself lately

Why am i so antisocial? I cant even survive a skype call without feeling awkward even though we skyped multiple times before….this silence is killing me

thinking of ideas for student life spreads could be the most difficult thing ever. student life is difficult in general.

I need to stop staying up at obscene hours of the night to read manga
cuhz ill sleep depressed for there is so update
i also get hungry

it happened once today

My mom was cleaning the fridge and the lights went off cuhz she left the door open for to long and i heard my mom calling my uncle asking if he knows how to change the light bulb in the fridge…

I walked out to the kitchen and she asked me if i know how to change the lightbulb in the fridge and i just told her to close the fridge door and open it and she did and the lights were back on….

She now thinks I’m a genius….LOL


Thanks for saying you “think” you like me back and making future plans with me and dropping all contact with me and yeah just thanks

My senior frandsssss
I’m sorry i missed your special day :( I wanted to say congratulations! I wish you the best and that i know you will go far in life with your many talents!

It happened again…

So today my brother climbed inside my car through the window….even though i unlocked the car for him….

I dont even know what to do or say or feel about you anymore….Its like youre not even trying….literally.

I dont even know what to say to you anymore

While you dont feel like talking to me im just gonna watch anime